Participation certificates

Only to be used in Belgium

Save precious time

Webhero Bookings automates the attestation process for smoother operation. Participants themselves download the correct certificates in their personal customer account that they can use for the health insurance fund or the tax return.

Certificate of participation │ Tax & health insurance reimbursement

As an organizer of (sports) camps or childcare, you can help parents of participating children save money by issuing a certificate. 

Parents can recover part of the camp or daycare costs through their tax return. You can also apply to health insurance companies for an annual allowance for camp registration at a sports club, sports center or sports service.

Webhero Bookings is also facilitating the electronic declaration via Belcotax-on-web. Since the publication of the new model attestation on January 27, 2022, it is mandatory for organizers to provide the data electronically to the FPS Finance. In this way, the administrative burden for the parent will be reduced because the attestations will be included in MyMinFin. Completing the personal income tax return will thus be simplified.

Certificate of registration fee │Health insurance reimbursement

You can also apply to the health insurance companies for an annual allowance for membership fees when enrolling in a sports club, sports center or sports service. This can be done both for the enrollment of children and adults.

For participation in school sports, recognized jogging initiations and swimming initiations, you can also submit a certificate of enrollment to most mutual funds.

Be sure to watch our handy 'How to' video about automatic tax certificates or reimbursements for the health insurance fund.

Secure online payment

Offer your customers hassle-free and secure online payments thanks to our Mollie integration.

Automatic email communication

Through automated emails, companies can quickly and efficiently provide customers with important information such as order confirmations, travel plans, invoices and other details relevant to their booking.

Customer account

With a Webhero Bookings customer account, your customers can easily log in to view all the details of their bookings.

Waiting list system and reserve lists

Simply create waiting lists or reserve lists per event so that empty places due to cancellations can be filled very easily.

Integrate easily

Seamlessly connect any booking form to your website with just a few clicks.

Webhero Bookings app

This app is an extension for Webhero Bookings and lets you easily consult participant lists for events of your organization.

Discount codes and gift cards

Webhero Bookings makes it easy for your customers or members to take advantage of discounts by using our handy discount code feature.

Automatic billing

Need to automatically generate invoices after a booking? Then choose our Webhero bookings B2B billing module. You can have invoices generated for specific bookings that the booker automatically receives by email.

Download certificate

View the clear step-by-step plan for participants to download their certificate quickly and easily.

5 Webhero Bookings success stories

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