Automatic email communication

Webhero Bookings makes everything easier. From automatic online payments and waiting lists to professional e-mail communication.

Through automated emails, companies can quickly and efficiently provide customers with important information such as order confirmations, travel plans, invoices and other details relevant to their booking. 

This not only provides a better customer experience, but also saves time by reducing manual tasks. Moreover, sending automated emails after a booking can also help increase customer satisfaction by informing the customer about their booking and necessary details in an efficient and professional manner.

Professional email communication for

  • Confirmation of your booking
  • Cancellation of your booking
  • Waiting list confirmation
  • Place available
  • Payment invitation
  • Thank you for your payment
  • ...

Contact specific bookings

Send bulk professional emails to specific bookings with additional info about your event, last minute announcements,... Setting the reply e-mail address is also optional.

Calendar function

Participation certificates

As an organizer of sports camps, you can help parents of participating children save money by issuing a tax certificate.

Secure online payment

Offer your customers hassle-free and secure online payments thanks to our Mollie integration.

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