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Today, the digital story is more important than ever! It goes without saying that many entrepreneurs jump on the digital fast train, but that does not always go smoothly. Many small organizations are lagging behind with their digitization, such as having online bookings for their services. The standard tools that exist for this are often too complex or too expensive. Moreover, it is often time-consuming to put together.

As a digital hero for SMEs, small businesses and organizations, we had one thing in store: to create an easy-to-use software for events. Webhero Bookings makes everything simple. From automatic online payments and waiting lists to professional e-mail communication and much more.

How does the 'Webhero Bookings' software for events work?

Working with the Webhero reservation system is a simple three-step process.

Step 1

Register your organization with Webhero Bookings .

Step 2

Create your activity(s). For example: Camp 2022

Step 3

Receive and manage your bookings and online payments.

What's the price?

The use of the Cloud Software is completely free for the organization! After registration you can make unlimited use of the online booking system. Your participant pays a small administrative fee or processing fee of 2.9% with a maximum of 30 euros at check-out.


  • If a booking costs 10 euros, your participant pays 10.29 euros. (2.9% of 10 euros = 0.29 euros)
  • If a booking costs 200 euros, your participant pays 205.8 euros. (2.9% of 200 euros = 5.8 euros)
  • If a booking costs 1500 euros, your participant pays 1530 euros. (2.9% of 1500 euros = 43.5 euros, but maximum fee is 30 euros)

Event software

What can the event software be used for?

The Webhero reservation system 'Webhero Bookings' can be used for a lot of different organizations and events. But how do you get started with this for your organization? We have made a number of tutorials that can help you get started with the online booking tool.

Do you have questions about the software for events? Do you want more information to get started with the software?

Software for events with a B2B billing module

Need to automatically generate invoices after a booking? Then choose our B2B invoicing module. You can have invoices generated for specific bookings that the booker automatically receives by email.

You can work with different VAT rates and therefore easily process complex bookings.

Also including the B2B invoicing module, the use of our software remains completely free for your organization. For the 'activities' where the B2B option is activated, we apply an administrative fee of 3.5%.

App for attendance and events at events via the 'Webhero Bookings app'

Scan tickets, manage participant lists, view your activities

Free to download from the Apple App store.

This app is an extension for Webhero Bookings and lets you easily consult participant lists for events of your organization.

Webhero Software for events

Tutorials: Event Software 'Webhero Bookings'

Webhero Bookings is a Cloud Software from Webhero

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