Questions about Webhero Bookings? View the list of frequently asked questions about our Cloud Software and find the answers to all your questions.

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Do you have an office?

Absolute. You will find the Officenter complex at Grauwmeer 1, 3001 Heverlee in Belgium. Webhero has a beautiful office where our team is building our software platforms for websites, webshops, SEO, email marketing and our booking tool.

The security & hosting

Do I still have to host my booking page myself?

No, the hosting of Webhero Bookings runs entirely through Webhero .

Availability and security

Your booking page is secure and available

Webhero is the digital hero of the self-employed and small businesses. It is our goal to provide companies with more customers online and therefore more turnover. This is only possible if our platform is reliable and secure. Security and uptime are therefore absolute top priorities for us.


The Webhero platform has an annual uptime of 99.9%. This is constantly monitored so that we can take immediate action in the event of problems. In case of emergency, our team will be notified automatically. Are you still experiencing technical problems? Then be sure to contact our support, we handle and answer all reports as quickly as possible.


All data goes through an SSL-encrypted connection, both via your management module and via the domain name of your own Booking tool. In this way, passwords and other data are made illegible before transmission and cannot be picked up and read en route.

In collaboration with two specialized security firms, Webhero is regularly tested to find and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

Hosting and infrastructure

Webhero uses the services of TransIP, Google Cloud Storage and Amazon Web Services, each on servers in the European Union. As a result, our infrastructure is accredited for ISO standards and GDPR legislation.

Which browsers are supported?

Webhero supports the two most recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as well as the two most recent OS versions. To ensure that your booking pages and management module work optimally, we recommend updating your browser to the most recent version.

The license

Are there really no fixed costs?

Absolutely NONE. There are no fixed costs. After registering, you can use Webhero Bookings for free and unlimited time. We only charge your client a small fee during checkout. Because of this, you never have any costs with Webhero.

Your participant pays a 2.9% processing fee at check-out with a maximum of €30.

In concrete terms

  • If a booking costs 10 euros, your participant pays 10.29 euros. (2.9% of 10 euros = 0.29 euros)
  • If a booking costs 200 euros, your participant pays 205,8 euros. (2.9% of 200 euros = 5,8 euros)
  • If a booking costs 1000 euros, your participant pays 1030 euros. (maximum fee of 30 euro)

For free 'events' there is no processing fee and the participant can complete the €0 registration free of charge.

B2B invoicing module

Even including the B2B invoicing module, the use of our software remains completely free for your organization. For the 'activities' where the B2B option is activated, we apply an administrative fee of 3.5%.

How long are the contracts?

Simple: We have no contracts and no monthly subscriptions. It's free and you can use it whenever you want as long as you want to.

Is there a minimum contract duration?

No! While we would love to work with you for many years to come, with Webhero you are never locked into a long-term commitment. You can stop and close your account at any time.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Of course. We have no long-term contract and no subscription fees. You can therefore close your account at any time.

Webhero Bookings Cloud Software

What is Webhero Bookings?

Webhero Bookings offers a Cloud Software that allows the creation of dynamically complex booking forms. These can be used to sell travel, but equally for sports camps or conferences.

Webhero Bookings makes life easier for organizers. It automates reservations, online payments, waiting lists, e-mail communication,... 

But we also make life easier for participants thanks to a simple booking system linked to online payments. For example, parents can book for several participants from one family account.

How can I test Webhero Bookings?

  1. Create your personal account for free and in seconds
  2. Log into the system and start creating a form to receive bookings and payments.
  3. Link your Mollie account so you can receive payments.
  4. Publish your form and receive your first registrations within the hour.


Review and launch your project with Karlien.
You can easily schedule an appointment here and when it's convenient for you.

How do I log in to my management module?

The general URL to log in to the Webhero Bookings management module is:

https://app. company name - bookings. com/login

*Company name = your company name goes here.

Can't find your url anymore? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Can I use Webhero Bookings in all countries?

Yes, you can receive registrations from all countries in the world.

Important: The prices in the Webhero booking tool are only published in Euro, and via Mollie you can only pay in Euro.

So you can indeed receive a booking from the USA, but that person has to pay in Euro.

Can I integrate the forms into our own website?

Of course. For each event you can copy the code of the iFrame yourself. You can paste this into your own website in the same way as you would with a YouTube video. It is very easy to cut and paste and takes less than 1 minute.

Can I export an invoice for my accounting?


Of course you also have to process all your income in your own accounting. You can easily export invoices or income in a CSV file to import into your own accounting package.

In your Webhero Bookings management module, go to your account options at the top right and click on 'export invoices'. Choose the period you wish to export and the download can start.

Dashboard and statistics

You can consult a lot of data on the dashboard in your Webhero Bookings management module.

  1. Number of customers│
    Number of unique customers who have already made a booking
  2. Number of participants│
    The total number of attendees from all your events
  3. Annual turnover│
    The total revenue you were able to generate through Webhero Bookings in the current year (January - December).
  4. Last 30 days│
    The revenue you were able to generate through Webhero Bookings during the past 30 days. This data therefore shifts forward 1 day at a time.
  5. Advances│
    Do you work with advances? Then you will also receive a forecast of the balances that you will receive each month.

Also view the spread per activity or the time course of payments and bookings.

Webhero Bookings functionalities

Can I create a 'hidden' event?

Yes, it is possible to add a new activity without it being visible on the general booking page.

When creating an activity, choose the option 'Hide from overview' at the bottom.

When your activity and the corresponding period(s) have been created, you can click on the eye next to the activity.

You can use the URL of the page that opens for publication.

Can I work with advance payments?

You can choose to work with an advance payment for an activity. This means that customers only have to pay a part of the total amount in the last step during the booking process. You choose the advance amount to be paid yourself.

They will later receive an automatic email with a payment link to pay the remaining balance. You also decide when this should happen. A reminder will be sent every 5 days from then on as long as the remaining balance has not been paid.

How to activate advances?

Go to the activity overview in your management. Click on 'modify' on the right side of the correct activity.
Activate the advance function and set the amount and payment deadline.

Can I work with waiting lists?

When your event is full, you can start working with waiting lists. The participants can then register for this.

If a place becomes available again due to cancellations or extra capacity, the manager can give someone on the waiting list the opportunity to make their booking final with a payment.

How to activate waiting lists?

Go to the activity overview in your management. Click on 'periods' next to the correct activity.
Click on 'modify' on the right at the height of the correct period. Activate the waiting list function by checking it and pressing 'save'.

Can I work with discount codes?

Discount codes can be created manually, or you can choose to have one generated automatically per booking.

You can link each discount to 1 or more periods so that they are only applicable when booking those periods.

A discount code entitles you to a one-time discount. If during booking the value of the discount code is equal to the total amount to be paid, the status of the booking is OK. If the value of the discount code is greater, the remaining amount will be forfeited.

If, during booking, the amount to be paid becomes smaller than the advance payment, if any, due to a discount, the balance must be paid immediately.

How to create discount codes?

Go to 'discount codes' in your management. Press the green plus '+' to create a new code.

Learn more about the different code functions in the handy tutorial below.

Can I work with reserved seats?

Yes, you can set reserved seats for each activity.
This way you can reserve a number of places so that they cannot be booked by other participants. This can be good for groups/company activities, for example,..

How to set reserved seats?

Go to the activity overview in your management. Click on 'periods' next to the correct activity.
Click on 'modify' on the right at the height of the correct period.
Enter the number of reserved seats in the appropriate field. Possibly supplemented with an internal note in the field just below.

Can I send an email to several bookings at the same time?

Yes! At your 'bookings' overview you can now select 1 or more bookings and send an e-mail in bulk from the management module. Useful for sending latest info or sending manual reminders to your customers.

How can I send an email?

To do this, click on 'bookings' on the left side and then tick the checkbox in the left column or at the top, so that all bookings are automatically selected for you. Or you can simply indicate every booking that may receive an email. Then click on 'send e-mail' at the top right.

Afterwards you can fill in the e-mail as desired and send it.

Can several people be registered for an event at the same time?

Yes, you can set the maximum number of participants per activity that can be registered. The lead booker can then complete the booking for the participants.

What is the difference between 'price' and 'price per participant'?

For an activity you can choose to set a general price for the activity, but possibly also for an (additional) price per participant.

An example?

Activity: Glamping
  • General price for 1 tent: €150
  • Price per person: €25

How can I set base prices?

Go to the activity overview in your management. Click on 'periods' next to the correct activity.
Click on 'modify' on the right at the height of the correct period. Set the prices as desired.

Does the system also automatically send an invoice to the booker?

Our B2B billing module automatically generates invoices.
You can have invoices generated for specific bookings that the booker automatically receives by email.

Settings for certificates of participation

You need to complete the following steps if you want to work with automatic certificates (only for company's in Belgium):

To activate the participation certificates feature, you will need to contact our office so we can activate the feature. This feature is completely free of charge for organizations.

In your Webhero Bookings management module, go to your account options at the top right and click through to "My Organization. Under the basic company information already entered, there are now additional fields. These fields are all to be filled in correctly for proper attestation processing.

Click on 'activities' on the left in your administration and go to the activities overview. At the level of the correct activity, click on 'change' on the right.

Here you can select the appropriate type of certificate.
You can choose from:


When no certificate should be created for this activity.

This can be for example in case of club events,...

After saving, you do not need to take an additional step. No certificats will be created for this specific activity.

Certificate of participation

For camps, internships or childcare. A certificate that can be used with a health insurance and/or tax return.

After saving, click on the number of periods for this activity. To the right of the correct period click on 'change'. You will see an extra field 'Number of days' in which you have to fill in the number of days the camp,.... lasts.

Technically everything is now ready to work with certificates.

Certificate of enrollment fee

For membership fees. A certificate that can be used with a health insurance company.

You need to fill in the 2 additional fields here.

Period registration fee = membership fee season 2023-2024
Sport = Badminton

After saving you do not need to take any additional step. Technically everything is now ready to work with certificates.

Also be sure to check out our handy 'How to' video for extra help.

How do members or participants receive their participation certificate?

View the clear step-by-step plan for participants to download their certificate quickly and easily.

How do I export certificates to Belcotax?

Export certificates

Webhero Bookings also ensures that the electronic declaration via Belcotax-on-web runs more smoothly. Since the publication of the new model certificate on January 27, 2022, it is mandatory for organizers to provide the data electronically to the FPS Finance. In this way, the administrative burden for the parent will be reduced because the certificates will be included in MyMinFin. Completing the personal income tax return is therefore simplified.

>> Info point Belcotax Flemish Sports Federation
>> Belcotax-on-web

Export a CSV file, open in Excel and copy-paste the data to the Belcotax application.
All participation certificates uploaded in just a few clicks.

Can the booking still be changed after payment?

Customers cannot change their booking themselves as they do not have an account. The organizer of the event can still change the booking. Customers should therefore contact the organizer of the event.

How to change a booking?

In your management, go to the overview of all bookings. Click on 'view details' on the right of the correct booking. There you will see the cancellation button.

How do I cancel a booking that has been made?

Your participants cannot cancel their booking themselves. As an entrepreneur you can of course do that yourself.

To cancel a booking, first go to 'bookings' on the left side of the menu. In the search bar you can easily search for the specific booking by entering the name of the booker or the booking number. At the height of the correct booking, click on the 'i' symbol 'view details' on the right.

On this page you can see all the details of the booking and you can cancel the booking via the green 'cancel booking' button.

How do I refund my customer after a cancellation?

Do you have to refund a customer due to a canceled booking? Which can!

First cancel the booking in your Webhero Bookings management module. You can read here how you can do that exactly. The actual refund of the booking itself runs through your Mollie account.

In your Mollie account, click under 'transactions' to 'payments' . There you search for your customer's payment and click through for further details. Click on 'create refund' (top right of the screen) and enter the amount you want to refund. Optionally you can add a description. Click on 'refund' to make the payment.

How does the customer base in my Webhero Bookings account work?

Bookings made with the same email address are grouped under the same customer.

When you look at your customer file in your Webhero Bookings management module, you only see the first name, last name and email address of the customer. At the height of the right customer, you can click further on the right on the 'i' symbol 'view details' .

When a customer has made multiple bookings and used the same email address, you will see these different bookings listed here with all booking details.

How do I export my booking data?

Do you need an excel with all data of the bookings of a specific activity? Do you need a list of participants for a specific event? You can easily download all data in your Webhero Bookings management module.

Click on 'activities' in the menu on the left and click on 'periods' for the right activity. On the right side you will see an Excel sign for each period. When you click on this sign, the download will start immediately.

Upload export in Microsoft Excel

Can I customize the logo and background of my booking page?

You can change your logo, accent color and background of your booking page at any time.

In your Webhero Bookings management module, go to your account options at the top right and click on 'settings'.
On this page you can easily add or remove a logo, add or remove a favicon, add or remove a background photo and adjust the accent color.

How do I export my customers or members?

Do you need an export of the names and email addresses of your customers or members? You can easily download all data in your Webhero Bookings management module.

Click on 'customers' in the menu on the left.
At the top right you can export a list via the green export button.

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